OnToast Support

Once the development is complete we are still relied upon by many of our partners.

Hosting Services

Whether you need a full web build or you’ve got an existing site, we’re always happy to host. And, because we already host a large number of sites, we can offer you highly competitive deals and a great level of reliability. So when it comes to the crunch, there’s every reason to host with OnToast.

Project Management

We pride ourselves in delivering projects at OnToast both on time and on budget. Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager and is also given access to our cloud project management system that allows you to track, update, comment and keep up-to date on how your projects are progressing. See: www.agencyprojects.com

Support and SLAs

Whether you need general telephone support or contracted SLA, we have the ability to implement the support level that you will need to ensure your client relationship does not go stale.